World's First Android-Powered HDTV Launched In Europe

The world's first Android HDTV? Sign us up! A Swedish company with one of the wildest names we've ever heard has just claimed to have produced exactly that, with People of Lava (the company) announcing the Scandinavia (the HDTV). It's a weird combination, but the actual product looks great from way over on this side of the pond.

Interactive televisions aren't new; many Web-connected sets were introduced last year, and now some of them are even out on the market. But none of the connected TVs out now have an open source OS that is as familiar as Android. With Android, the world of possibilities is far larger, enabling consumers to see Facebook/Twitter feeds and possible even run Android widgets right on their set. Android has found a home on many things, but TVs isn't one of them. Yet. Imagine using an Android TV with an Android tablet on the coffee table and an Android phone on your ear. Too much Android? Never!

Initially, the TV will ship in a 42" version, with 47" and 55" models to come later. It will boast a Full HD (1080p) panel, which will be LED backlit. There's even a USB port thrown in, but the price of 2000 Euros means it won't be affordable for everyone. It's expected to ship in Europe this September, and for some reason we get the impression that this won't be the last Android television we hear about this year.

-Out of the box Android TV applications such as:
-YouTube, Google Maps ,Weather, Time, Calendar, Internet Browser
-Downloadable Apps, both free and from coming App-store:
-Facebook, Twitter, Email and more...
- Internet connection
-USB connection