World Of Warcraft Trial Expands In a Major Way: Game On!

It's a bit difficult to think about a certain "new" thing ever getting "old," but that's happening to some extent with World of Warcraft. While it's still frequently talked about and used as a benchmark reference, the title itself is growing a bit long in the tooth. And as time passes, it grows further and further from the minds of new potential customers. But now, Blizzard is trying something new to drum-up interest. Something like "a free trial expansion." The company announced that they would be making it free to play through level 20 via a new "Starter Edition," and there's likely a hope that you'll be so hooked by level 20 that you just hang around and pay for more.

Before the change, the free trial expired after two weeks, regardless of how far you got in the game. Now, you could (in theory) play for much longer, taking whatever time you need to progress through level 20. But here's what's really wild: even after level 20, you can keep playing. You'll just stop earning those valuable experience points. It'll be hard to progress much beyond that without paying up and getting those points, but hey, consider it a challenge!

So, give it a shot! Good luck not getting hooked...