Work/Life Balance at Volkswagen: No Email After Work Hours

On a national holiday, when most of us are enjoying being at home instead of at work, it’s nice to see a work/life balance story coming out of Germany.

According to the BBC, car maker Volkswagen has agreed to stop sending email to its employees after work hours. The move is designed to better establish boundaries between their home and work lives, and it came after complaints about the lack thereof.

Reportedly, its BlackBerry email servers will cease routing emails half an hour before employees’ shifts end won’t resume until half an hour after their shifts begin again. The ban on company email will not affect employees’ use of their BlackBerrys on their own time.

A spokesperson for the company gave the following comment to the BBC, which is as German and efficient as VW’s cars: "We confirm that this agreement between VW and the company's work council exists", he said.