WM 6.5 is Complete. We Care Why?

Doesn't anyone use a press release any longer? It was bad enough that press releases were being supplanted by blog posts, but now they are being replaced by tweets. Microsoft engineers announced on Thursday via Twitter that Windows Mobile 6.5 has been completed. Our assumption is that it has been released to manufacturing.

It's done, and we care, why? That's perhaps a bit harsh, but Windows Mobile 6.5 is a stopgap until Microsoft can release Windows Mobile 7.0. Let's face it, unless something changes drastically it's not like Windows Mobile is going to suck away much attention from the iPhone or even the Palm Pre.

Furthermore, when the devs tell you that the UI on the release was rushed, it doesn't give you a warm fuzzy feeling, now does it? That's how Loke Uei Tan, senior product manager on the Windows Mobile Team, explained things at Microsoft’s TechEd 2009 event.

The first Windows Mobile 6.5 phones are expected this fall. Windows Mobile 7 is expected to arrive in the first half of 2010. Makes you wonder why they even bothered with 6.5; it complicates things for smartphone makers and developers.