With Sprint-T-Mobile Deal On Ice, Legere Resumes 'Uncarrier' Trash Talking

Possessing the gift of gab is one thing, but only a handful of CEOs in charge of major companies are willing to speak candidly, even when it means offending rival firms. T-Mobile chief John Legere is one of them and now that Sprint has backed out of merger talks, the spunky CEO is right back at it with a string of silly (albeit amusing) taunts.

"Is Sprint a melting ice cube? Looks like it to me. Join the cool brand now!," Legere posted to Twitter. In yet another post, he keeps the taunts coming -- "Join T-Mobile now and jump off the Sprint bus before it crashes."


You get the vibe that Legere feels like a scorned ex-lover in the deal that never materialized, but while he might be disappointed that nothing came about, this isn't unusual behavior for the CEO. Just last week, Legere relentlessly put AT&T down while announcing T-Mobile's new Simple Choice pricing.

Legere has reason to feel cocky. He's successfully lit a fire in the wireless industry and shaken things up by reinventing itself as the "Un-carrier" with out-of-the-box plans that are attracting more and more subscribers. It wouldn't have been the worst thing in the world if Sprint and T-Mobile joined forces to take on superpowers Verizon and AT&T, but even without the deal, T-Mobile is doing well for itself.

T-Mobile could also see itself partner up with another company. French firm Illiad reportedly offered T-Mobile $15 billion in cash for a 56.6 percent bid. That's less than what Sprint would have paid, but with that deal dead, it frees T-Mobile up to more aggressively engage in negotiations, if it wants to go that route.