Wirefly Announces Free Mobile Backup Service For Cell Phones

Upgrading your cell phone can be a bittersweet process. On one hand, you get a cool new toy with lots of new features to check out. On the other hand, transferring contacts, pictures, settings, email accounts, etc can be a bit of a pain. Wirefly, an online retailer of cell phones and plans, is working to make transferring data from one phone to the next a bit easier thanks to its new Wirefly Mobile Backup service. This new service is designed to help you backup and transfer your contacts and more, regardless of carrier, manufacturer or operating system. Oh, and did we mention the service is free?

Wirefly Launches Free Mobile Backup Service
Backup and Transfer Cell Phone Data for FREE

Reston, VA – November 3, 2010 - Wirefly (www.wirefly.com), the Internet’s leading authorized retailer of cell phones and plans, announced today the debut of Wirefly Mobile Backup, a revolutionary mobile service that lets consumers backup and transfer their contacts and more –-regardless of carrier, manufacturer or operating system -- for FREE.

Developed with software designer Spare Backup (OTC: SPBU) and available online at Wirefly.com, this innovative backup service eliminates the need to manually transfer contacts, appointments, or other content when changing carriers or switching phones and protects people who suffer from phone loss, damage or theft.

Protect Your Phone’s Data

Smartphones continue to deliver more and more functionality and are increasingly replacing laptops as the preferred mobile utility and protecting that data is more important than ever.  Wirefly Mobile Backup wirelessly backs up a cell phone’s contacts, pictures, calendar entries, and music remotely using the phone’s mobile data connection or a local Wi-Fi network. All of the data is safely encrypted and can easily be accessed from a web-enabled cell phone or computer, allowing users to quickly restore and transfer everything from contacts to ringtones-without having to manually re-enter the information.  

“Everyone has experienced the pain and frustration of losing their phone -- more importantly, losing the data stored on the phone.” said Andy Zeinfeld, CEO of Simplexity, parent company of Wirefly. “Wirefly Mobile Backup protects and preserves content that in the past would have lived and died on the lost phone. With this service, the content is safely stored securely in a virtual ‘cloud’ so customers can quickly restore their information onto their replacement phone. What’s more, when you pair Wirefly Mobile Backup with our Device Protection service, losing a device is far less painful. Not only can you get a replacement device, but you can restore your data once your new device is activated.”

Works Across Carriers, Manufacturers, and Operating Systems

Wirefly Mobile Backup supports all of the most popular smartphones in the United States, including Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile, and works across all major U.S. carriers, making it incredibly easy to transfer data to a new device when switching wireless providers. In addition, the Palm, Java, Windows Phone 7 and Symbian operating systems will be supported by the end of the quarter. 

Wirefly Mobile Backup can also be used to protect the data from personal computers (PC).   Up to five devices including one PC can be backed up on a single free account making it easy to protect, move and share photos, music and other important information between devices. 

Backup Your Phone’s Data for FREE

Wirefly Mobile Backup is available as a free download from Wirefly.com, and from the Android Market and iTunes App store. The service is free, and includes up to 2GB data storage –enough space to back up the contacts and calendars for multiple devices. For those looking to back up an entire PC or large quantities of music, photos, and movies, unlimited storage is available, starting as low as $5.99/month. 

Wirefly Mobile Backup has no bandwidth or data transfer restrictions, and users may choose to schedule Wirefly Mobile Backup to automatically search for and backup new data found – at no additional cost.

“Wirefly Mobile Backup is the most comprehensive wireless backup and transfer service available in the U.S. today,” said Zeinfeld.   “It allows users to automatically synchronize, transfer and share cell phone data, even when switching carriers, operating systems, or devices.”    

“People come to Wirefly.com when they are thinking about changing phones or changing carriers,” said Scott Ableman, Chief Marketing Officer for Wirefly.  “By offering this great service for free, Wirefly has eliminated one of the major concerns people face when making this decision.”

Wirefly Mobile Backup Key Features

  • Backup contacts, calendar items, music, photos, and videos automatically
  • Access stored information from any registered device at anytime from anywhere in the world
  • Transfer data between phones regardless of phone manufacturer, operating system, or carrier
  • Backup and share between PC and phone in one application
  • Free – up to 2GB of storage

Cell phone users can sign up for their free Wirefly Mobile Backup account at Wirefly.com/backup or via the Android Market and iTunes App Store.

*actual backup & restore capabilities vary by manufacturer