Winklevoss Twins File Proposal with Securities Regulators For Bitcoin Investing

When you're suddenly launched into money, you have the potential to do some wild things. Not that the Winklevoss twins were ever poor, but after the Facebook ordeal that landed 'em millions, they've started to make a serious name for themselves. They've rekindled a start-up scene in Southern California, and now, they're planning a fund for Bitcoins. Yes, seriously. Bitcoins. The flucuating digital currency that has little grounding in reality beyond those absorbed in the technology universe.

This week, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss filed a proposal with securities regulators that would essentially enable any and all investors to trade Bitcoins, exactly as if they were stocks. They'd establish an exchange-traded fund to make it happen, but it's actually part of a larger effort to add some legitimacy to Bitcoin. The Winklevoss twins already own a serious chunk of the currency, so this would obviously help their own cause. It's certainly not a given that regulators will approve it, but it's a big step forward for a currency that's just longing to be taken seriously.