Wink E-Reader Debuts In India With Massive Library

Another day, another e-reader. Actually, it's another hour, another e-reader. There seems to be a never-ending flow of these guys, probably caused by the amazingly warm reception that Amazon's Kindle and the B&N Nook have received in North America. This particular rival, however, was made specifically for the Indian market, but the support for 15 languages also means that it's capable of being used just about anywhere.

The new Wink e-reader is just the first of a number of devices on the roadmap for this India-based company called EC Media. The unit will feature a 6" display (800x600 pixels), 2GB of storage that's expandable to 16GB, Wi-Fi, built-in 3G, a 400MHz ARM9 processor, a 3.5mm headphone jack, audio playback support for MP3 and AAC, a battery capable of turning 10000 pages or blasting 10 hours of music and text format support for PDF, ePUB, WOLF, HTML, RTF and more.

The company has already nailed down a few deals with major publishers, hinting that this may end up being used in India's schools. From the beginning, Wink's book store will have over 100,000 titles to choose from, which is an astonishingly large number for an upstart. No pricing information is given, however, and there's no word on an international release. Something tells us the Kindle and Nook are begging for it to come and try to topple their kingdom, though.