Wine Approaches 1.0 Vintage

The Wine project is scheduled for its 1.0 release, after nearly 15 years of development. In fact, according to their "release plan" they are trying to release it close to the 15th anniversary date.

After nearly 15 years of development, the WINE project is scheduled for the landmark 1.0 release. As with most open source programs, it is hard to sit back and say "ok it's done". The work will always continue, but at some point the program at least accomplishes the original, or in this case, realistic goal. The WINE website now has posted a list of programs that are planned to work properly, constituting the 1.0 release.

Wine, if you don't know, is a software application that allows Unix / Linux users to run Windows apps on Intel-based PCs.  The release criteria however, because of testing limitations, only lists four apps that "must" run well: Photoshop CS trial, and the Viewers (97 and 2003) for Excel, Powerpoint and Word.

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