Windows XP Set to Leave "Mainstream Support"

Windows XP is set to enter the Extended Support phase of its life, moving out of Mainstream Support, as planned, Microsoft said on Monday.

In an email, Microsoft said:
"On April 14, Windows XP will transition from the mainstream support phase to the extended support phase, as planned and previously announced."
Mainstream Support usually only lasts five years, but in this case it lasted 7 1/2 years, because of the delay in delivering Windows Vista, as well as (let's be honest) the basic dissatisfaction with Windows Vista.

Extended Support means only paid support will be provided, and that only security fixes will be provided, with the exception of hotfixes to customers who have purchased the Extended Hotfix Support plan. Security updates via Windows Update will continue until April 8, 2014.

Windows XP has been dubbed "the OS that wouldn't die." A recent leak noted that Windows XP "downgrade rights" will continue until April 30th, 2010, well into the life of Windows 7. At the same time, a survey has indicated that Windows 7 adoption by enterprises will be slow.

Office 2003 will also enter Extended Support on April 14th.