Windows Blue Build Shows Improved UI and Multitasking

More details have emerged surrounding Windows Blue, the worst-kept secret in tech. Windows9Beta leaked word of a Windows Blue build that was available “somewhere on the Internet”, and apparently at least one forum user found it, installed it, and let loose a barrage of screenshots.

Assuming this is all completely legitimate, the most obvious change pertains to the Metro UI, including greater flexibility in sizing Live Tiles and customizing the Start screen, particularly as the Personalize setting (among others, including Devices and Share) is now under the Settings charm. The Name Group feature for the Start menu looks a little more polished, too.

Windows Blue build
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It also appears as though you can run two apps side-by-side for better multitasking, and there’s more robust SkyDrive integration, which makes plenty of sense. A number of items under PC Settings have been added and modified, which means some better functionality, although those who have learned to navigate Windows 8 will have to re-learn some things.

Windows Blue

Windows Blue 2   Windows Blue 3   Windows Blue 4
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All of the above seems to confirm what most are expecting, which is that Microsoft's Windows Blue will indeed be more of a facelift for Windows 8 as opposed to a major overhaul or total replacement.