Windows 8 Opens For Pre-Orders at $70 for an Upgrade Pack

It’s just a matter of days until Microsoft’s latest and (purportedly) greatest operating system is officially released on October 26th, but you can now preorder a Windows 8 Pro DVD upgrade pack for $70.

The upgrade pack is available from a number of outlets, including Microsoft, Amazon, Staples, Office Depot, Best Buy, and more. If you have the patience to wait until the release day, you can download the upgrade for $40; that offer expires in January, according to Reuters.

A third way to get Windows 8 is to upgrade from a recently-purchased Windows 7 PC. In an effort to sustain PC sales in the meantime, Microsoft has promised that anyone who buys a Windows 7 machine between earlier this summer and the end of January will get a Windows 8 upgrade for just $15.

Windows 8 DVD Upgrade

Of course, you can also just preorder a Windows 8 PC; they’re available in droves from all your favorite manufacturers, who are itching to get these systems out the door.

One mystery yet unsolved is how much Windows 8 will cost when purchased as a full standalone software package instead of an upgrade. If it’s any gauge, Windows 7 Home Premium is $119.99, Professional is $199.99, and Ultimate is $219.99.