Windows 8 App Remover Helps You Get Rid Of Unwanted Bloatware

You know how Microsoft has gradually started pre-loading Windows 8 with a glut of apps? Sure, it’s kind of convenient--emphasis on the “kind of”--and having certain apps such as Skype ready to roll as soon as you install the OS is indeed rather handy, but a lot of it just feels like bloatware. (Cough, Bing, cough.)

There’s an app for that (sorry, couldn’t resist) called Windows 8 App Remover. According to Betanews, it’s a portable program that’s designed for fresh installs of Windows 8, and it’s actually just a GUI front end for a tool called dism.EXE.

Windows 8 app Remover
Credit: Betanews

You pick your version of Windows within the tool, click List Apps, and when the list appears, you can just check the ones you want to nuke.

Version 0.55 is free and open source. You can also use the tool to remove those bloaty apps from a compressed Windows image file (.WIM), which ensures that whenever you install the OS, those apps won’t be there for you remove at all.