Windows 10 Build 10114 Delivers Enhanced Start Menu Customization, Overhauled Insider App

In the two weeks that have passed since Microsoft gave us regular folk Windows 10 build 10047, development has progressed enough to get the company's internal build up to 10114. A key word there is "internal"; 10114 hasn't been released to the public, and as of the time of writing, it doesn't seem to have been leaked widely to the Internet. Despite that, WinBeta got its hands on a copy, and tips us off on what's new.

The biggest changes in 10114 revolve around the Start menu, with an addition that's long been requested: tweaking options. This results in a brand-new entry in the Personalization section of the Settings app specific to Start, allowing you to: use full-screen Start (the toggle in the Start menu has been removed), store and display recently opened items and programs, show app suggestions, and also show a 'Recent Apps' group that stores shortcuts for recently installed applications.

Windows 10 10114

The Start love doesn't end there. If you opt for the full-screen version, you'll be able to swipe from the top-left to reveal a sidebar (seen above) which allows you view recent apps and take a look at 'All Apps' in an alphabetical list view.

Also new in 10114 is a vastly improved Insider app, allowing you quicker access to "quests", and a much better experience when reading announcements and alerts. If you've a fan of collecting achievements, you'll want to make sure you visit your profile from within this app and view what you need to do to get the 4 that are available.

Windows 10 10114 Insider

Further improvements have been made with Windows 10's dark theme in this build, but WinBeta notes that it's still rough around the edges. It seems likely that by the time the next public build of Windows 10 gets released, those rough edges will be smoothed out. When will that build get here? Microsoft might not even be sure at this point, but hopefully it won't take too long.