Winamp for Android exits beta

Just over a month after launching a beta version on Android, Winamp has reportedly exited beta (although the app in the Android Market still says beta, at the time of this writing). The new version adds wireless syncing and ShoutCast support.

The new Winamp requires Android 2.1 or higher. It also requires the latest version of WinAMP for wireless sync to work. Winamp and Shoutcast are both owned by AOL, AOL doesn't plan an iOS version (it would probably be a waste of time anyway, with iTunes on iOS). Kerry Trainor, senior vice president of AOL Entertainment said:
“Now with the Android OS beating out iOS, it is a foregone conclusion that it will beat out iOS over time."
While we know what he meant, we still went, eh?

At any rate, Winamp on the desktop can import your iTunes library, so you can see where they are going with this. Android is still struggling to find an iTunes rival, and Winamp hopes to be that app.

Winamp is a popular Windows desktop music player that’s been around since 1997, written by Nullsoft.