Will People In NYC Be Able To Find A Coiffee Shop?

Dialing information on your phone usually costs over a dollar. No thanks. Google's begun offering a free 411 service; just dial 800-GOOG-411 and yell what you're looking for into the phone, and hope your accent doesn't throw the automated service off.

The service applies speech recognition technologies to figure out what you're searching for, and using speech synthesis to read the results back to you. Users can receive their results as a text message to their current number by saying "text message, and Goog 411 can connect users directly to a found business. Unlike some other automated 411 services, Goog 411 users can't be connected to a live operator, so users searching for something the system doesn't understand may have to get creative with their mispronunciations or try searching for general terms rather than a specific, mis-understood term.
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