Will Microsoft Be Mowing Google's Lawn Soon?

Microsoft is no longer the most visited website or the most valuable global brand. Google is:

Google had 528 million unique visitors in March, up 5 percent from the previous month, according to comScore. Microsoft had 527 million visitors during the same month, up 3.7 percent.

Popular in the United States, Google is even more of a powerhouse in many European countries.

In a statement, Google said: "Our goal has always been to provide the best online experience for our users. We build products based on user needs and input, which is part of what makes Google unique and results in a great online experience."

Microsoft declined to comment.

I bet they did.  Perhaps Microsoft could put Google Adwords on their pages, and make a little extra money. Read the whole thing here. You tell us; who's more important to you: Google or Microsoft?