Will Ferrell Wants To Kick Cancer's Butt, So He'll Play Games With You On Twitch To Raise Donations

We can all agree that cancer sucks, right? Well, let's do something about it! Wondering how? Just follow Will Ferrell's lead. Yes, that Will Ferrell, the hilarious star of Anchorman, Step Brothers, and several other flicks, not to mention various TV show cameos and online skits. Here's the thing -- Will Ferrell hates cancer, but he loves video games. That being the case, the only logical thing to do is to raise money by playing games to kick cancer's tail.

Here's where things get interesting. By donating to the cause -- check out Will Ferrell's Indiegogo page -- you have a shot at playing games with the actor in San Francisco, which will be live broadcasted on Twitch. There's a catch, or a challenge, if you will. In order for this to happen, Ferrell is challenging gamers to raise $375,000 for charity and children with cancer, and if that happens, he'll host the event on October 26 with one lucky winner, air transportation and hotel included.

"It’s no secret the best gamers in the world have wanted a piece of me for years," said Ferrell, actor, comedian and gamer extraordinaire. "Guys like CaptainSparklez are gunning for me. I think he might be an actual wizard and he’s looking for blood. I told them I’d give them the honor of competing against me with one small condition: we raise a whole bunch of money for a great cause like helping kids with cancer."

Will Ferrell Sunscreen

What if you don't win? Well, there's plenty of cool swag and rewards for donating to the cause, such as Amazon credits for digital video game purchases, Will Ferrell's Gamer Sunscreen, a t-shirt and/or hoodie with Ferrell's game face, and more. And of course you'd be helping in the fight against cancer.

As for where the money will go, it will be allocated to Cancer for College and DonateGames.