Will Amazon’s Coming Smartphone Disrupt The Major Players?

It's widely believed that Amazon will take advantage of an event on Wednesday to launch its first-ever smartphone, and now, and even after the launch, there will be much speculation about what the company will be able to pull off. One thing's for sure: Things are about to get interesting.

The smartphone realm is one rife of fierce competition, and any company entering the fray is up for some major challenges. Amazon's challenge will be no different, but more than most other companies, it has a great chance of succeeding. It has a lot of experience in designing Android tablets and some other mobile devices - good ones, at that - so a smartphone seems like an expected evolution.

Could Amazon's Kindle Fire HD help drive the success of its smartphone?

A big reason Amazon's phone could be appealing to many is that it'd be a fine-tuned device for those already invested in the Amazon ecosystem. With a custom launcher, Amazon can make its Prime service more accessible than ever, and it could go further by adding interaction functionality for its other products - being able to control a Fire TV with the phone, for example.

In addition to those speculated features, it's also been rumored that the phone will feature some 3D functionality aided by a staggering four front-facing cameras. That alone would help set the phone apart from the rest.

So what's an Amazon phone mean for competition? Given the size of the company and its potential in this marketplace, there's little doubt that Apple, Google, and perhaps even Microsoft, are thinking about what this could become. After all, with Amazon already offering its customers services they've come to rely on (I know many who couldn't go without Prime), an Amazon smartphone could be a hit. In fact, I'm willing to go out on a limb and say that it will be a hit - barring some unforeseen oversight on Amazon's part.