Wildly Popular 16GB Nexus 7 Tablet Now Back in Stock at Google Play

The thing about tables like the Nexus 7, Kindle Fire, and iPad is that you're generally stuck with whatever internal storage exists, save for cloud computing and external add-ons. For that reason, early Nexus 7 owners proved ahead of the savvy-buyer curve and quickly deplete Google of its inventory of 16GB tablets, leaving other potential Nexus 7 shoppers with having to decide between picking up the 8GB model or waiting indefinitely for more 16GB models to come back in stock. Those who chose the latter had no ETA to work with, but lo and behold, more 16GB Nexus 7 devices are ready to ship out.

Google Play now lists the larger capacity model as being 'In Stock' with delivery estimated at 3-5 business days, same as the 8GB model. Out of the two, the 16GB is the better buy overall, as it offers double the amount of non-upgradeable storage for a $50 premium and is $249 overall.

Nexus 7 Google Play

What isn't known is how many Nexus 7 devices Google had on hand to begin with or currently has in stock, nor has the sultan of search disclosed how many it's sold to date. As the first and so far only Jelly Bean device, however, it's no wonder that initially stock sold out as quickly as it did.