Wikitude Drive AR Navigation App Hits American Streets

Sometimes, getting from point A to point B really is the all that matters. Usually that involves a long haul, where all you want to do is sleep. But what if there was more to navigation beyond that? What if the journey was more exciting? That's what Wikitude promises to provide. The world's first AR (augmented reality) navigation app has just launched in America, just in time for that summer vacation you've been planning. The app has already taken Europe by storm, and now it's time for America's roadways to see the same pizazz.

Wikitude Drive overlays the desired navigation route onto the camera view of the mobile device. Instead of using a digital map, the driver simply needs to follow a line projected onto his camera view. It all happens in real time. Besides viewing the route itself, the driver has the option of virtually adding points of interest (POIs) like hotels, restaurants and petrol stations to the display. To ensure high quality of POI and routing data Wikitude Drive works with digital map market leader Navteq. Having to updating a map or route information has become a thing of the past with Wikitude Drive as the data is always downloaded in real time to enable route calculation. Users can rest assured that the latest additions and changes to the roads are included.

Care to see more? Here's a video, and the app is available to download now.
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