Wikipad Gaming Tablet Coming With Android 4.0, Controller Add-On

Android 4.0 is finally making the rounds at a pretty good clip, and if you can believe it, it's actually making it onto something other than a phone or tablet. Yes, the Wikipad is a gaming-centric handheld, and yes, it's using Ice Cream Sandwich. It's actually one of the few highly unique Android 4.0 products we've seen in recent months, and now the company has announced a partnership with Gaikai in order to stream high-end consume-quality games directly to the "media tablet." It's the first of its kind to offer an attachable, console-quality gamepad controller, and the partnership will see the Gaikai client integrated into the tablet, making game streaming available to Wikipad users.

Cloud gaming is obviously booming, and while it's still a young service, there's clearly a future here. The Wikipad is capable of running games locally but will also offer high performance games from Gaikai's cloud gaming platform. Users will see a 10.1" screen, optional 3G module and a quad-core processor, but there's been no price or release date issued just yet. Xperia Play competitor, anyone?
Tags:  Gaming, Android, tablet