Wii3 2006?

The Nintendo Wii seems to be the highlight of this years E3. The wait to play the new system reached four hours at one point, as the line stretched on and on. There have been a few negative comments about the console, mostly focusing around the lack of response the controller has in some games, but overall the system has been praised as a new step in the world of gaming.

As the current leader, Sony has the most to lose as gamers take up the new machines. "Microsoft and Nintendo are building towards something bigger," said Margaret Robertson, editor of the games magazine Edge. "Sony is feeding the market they have built."

Of course, this win for Nintendo comes at a loss for Sony. The $600 price tag for the "better" PS3 package seems a bit steep even to many hardcore gamers. That's roughly the price of a XBox360 and Nintendo Wii combined.