Wii U Console Launch Plauged by Low Inventory and Hardware Bugs

The more things change, the more they stay the same. How so? Well, it's been six long years since the last major console launch (the original Wii and PlayStation 3 both debuted in November, 2006), and though the landscape looks decidedly different these days, gamers apparently still have to deal with yesteryear issues, like low inventory and inflated online prices.

Nintendo's Wii U console is sold out online, as well as in many brick-and-mortar stores. The console launched to the U.S. market just yesterday (November 18, 2012), giving gamers a choice between the Basic Set for $300 (8GB storage) or the Deluxe Set for $350 (32GB hard drive and various extras).

Wii  U Best Buy

Both are now hard to come by just a day later, and both are selling for inflated prices online by second-hand sellers. On Amazon, for example, sellers have the Basic and Deluxe packages listed for $379+ and $479+, respectively, shipping not included. Similar prices show up on eBay. That's par for course when it comes to console launches, but we were hoping things might have changed in the last half decade.

In addition to inflated prices, some users have complained about various hardware issues, The Guardian reports. These run the gamut from Wi-Fi configuration issues and HDMI output failures, to problems with the console's Miiverse social networking service. Others are just now finding out that NIntendo's TVii service is being delayed until December.

Are you shopping a Wii U this holiday season?