Wii Fit to Launch at $89.99

Nintendo filled in the last bit of information for the Wii Fit game on Tuesday, announcing that when it launches in the U.S. on May 19th it will cost $89.99 (MSRP). $90 for a game? Well, it's more than a game; it includes the new Wii Balance Board controller, and anyway, let's not forget that Guitar Hero III for the Wii is the same price.

When Wii Fit hits stores on May 19, expect to see an unsurprising $90 price tag slapped on the front of the box.

The aforementioned box, which includes both the Wii Fit software and the newest must-have accessory from Nintendo, the Wii Balance Board, has already sold "more than 1.4 million units" since its Dec. 1st launch in Japan.

Our question has always been, was the delay between December and the U.S. launch exacerbated by the rather more rotund nature of Americans?  Or not.
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