Wii Becoming More Powerful Than You Can Imagine

Nintendo's Wii console game is an interesting piece of technology, and a fascinating business phenomenon as well. While Nintendo's competitors produced consoles as powerful and versatile as they could, charged a small fortune for them, and still didn't make much money on them, the Wii concentrated on simple, fun, intuitive gameplay, introduced an innovative controller, and made money hand over fist even though they had the cheapest console. But let's face it. The minute you saw that controller, everybody had the same idea: I want a lightsaber! LucasArts has finally decided to make themselves and Nintendo even richer, and all of us living room Jedis happy, with Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels.

“Lightsaber Duels,” the game will feature combat controlled by the player holding the wiimote as if it was his saber handle. The one thing longtime Star Wars fans may be slightly disheartened by, however, is that the game takes place specifically in the Clone Wars film and animated series era. This means characters like Anakin and General Grievous will be present, but characters like Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker likely will not be. There will be destructible environments, the current big game buzzword, and force powers will be a big factor in the game. Cut out a piece of a pillar from the surrounding building, then force throw it at your opponent, for example.

Well, as usual, George Lucas is clueless, but it won't matter. Darth Vader or not, HotHardware predicts this will make the biggest splash in video gaming since you made a DOS boot disk to run Doom on your 486. Due out for the holidays from Krome Studios.
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