WiGig Pushes New v1.1 Spec, Touts Wireless HDMI

Wireless, wireless, wireless. It's something that we'll never get tired of hearing about, and we just love when companies take a leap of faith with it. Looks like they'll have an even easier time moving forward, now that the WiGig Alliance has advanced a multi-gigabit wireless ecosystem with the publication of certification-ready version 1.1 spec. That's a long-winded way of saying that the the organization advancing the worldwide adoption and use of 60GHz wireless technology and its applications has delivered the publication of its certification-ready multi-gigabit wireless specification.

The new version 1.1 specification addresses enhancements identified by member companies during the product development process. Soon WiGig members will be able to test their WiGig-based products to ensure interoperability within the ecosystem and provide end users with reliable solutions at product launch. The WiGig Bus Extension and WiGig Serial Extension (WSE) enable high-performance multi-gigabit wireless connectivity among multiple devices, from storage devices to other high-speed peripherals and applications such as Wireless Docking. WiGig is finalizing the WSE specification and plans to publish it to Adopters in the second half of this year.

In addition to WiGig's partnership with VESA for wireless DisplayPort certification, WiGig has become an adopter of HDMI Licensing and the future purveyor of wireless HDMI kit. Like we said, "wireless" just never gets stale.
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