Wicked Lasers Produces Handheld Beamer That Stretches 85 Miles

Remember those handheld lasers that you and your buddies used to carry into movie theaters years back in order to annoy the other moviegoers? Boy, was that immature. But boy, wasn't it fun? Lasers have removed themselves from the mainstream, largely speaking, but there's still something quite magical about them. Granted, they aren't our usual beat, but who can resist a frickin' laser that has managed to set a world record?

Wicked Lasers has just introduced the new S3 Krypton, which is waiting on a Guinness Record and can reportedly produce around 86 million lux. That means it's bright enough to be seen from 85 miles away, or beyond the edge of our atmosphere. Yes, seriously! This is the laser you need for that upcoming trip to Vegas! Considering that this beast is 8000x brighter than our perceived notion of the Sun, you'll need to take advantage of the safety goggles that are bundled with the purchase.

Why would you need such a thing? Let's count the reasons: "just because," "you needed a better flashlight for working inside your custom PC case," and "just because." Sound good? The top-end model is on sale for $1000, but wimpier versions can be had starting at $300.

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