Who needs ATMs? Deposit Straight From Your iPhone

While Android users still wait for an official Chase bank application, iPhone users can now deposit checks from their iPhones. This new feature is sort of an extension of the new ATM systems at Chase banks, where you deposit a check and the ATM scans it.

The updated Chase Mobile app not only allows the typical features that allow you to check your balance, etc. etc., but by taking a picture of the front and back of a check, you can deposit it directly into your Chase account. Additionally, this new QuickDeposit feature is free, although the bad part is you still can't get cash back from your iPhone.

An additional feature is Person-to-Person QuickPay. Similar to PayPal, it allows you to pay anyone directly from your Chase account, and you only need to know their e-mail address. The other person is not required to have a Chase account.

In particular, the QuickDeposit feature is a winner. Now if we can just get the iPhone to print money, and if Chase would extend this app to Android ...

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