Here's Where To Buy The New Nintendo Switch Bundle With Free $35 eShop Credit

nintendo switch eshop
As we reported back in January, Nintendo has no plans to cut the price on its popular Nintendo Switch hybrid gaming console anytime soon. Talks of a revised console with faster internal components have also been pushed aside. So, the next best thing that the company can do is to offer some fresh bundles with popular games to keep things fresh.

Nintendo has a new Switch bundle on deck, and this time the company isn’t offering up a free game. Instead, it’s throwing in a free $35 eShop gift card, which can be used towards the purchase of games directly from the console. One of the big upsides to purchasing games digitally – especially for a system that can be take with you on the go – is that the games purchased from the eShop are stored directly on your console instead of you having to swap out game cartridges when you are tired of playing New Super Mario Bros. U.

nintendo switch eshop 2

But of course, the eShop gift card can be used for more than purchasing games; you could also use it to cover the cost of the Nintendo Switch Online service. The service costs $3.99/month or you can pay the annual plan cost of $19.99. That outlay gets you online multiplayer support with games like Splatoon 2 and Mario Tennis Aces, a growing selection of popular classic NES titles to play, and access to cloud saves for your games.

This isn’t the absolute best deal that we’ve seen to date on the Nintendo Switch – the console has been available for as low as $225 with previous limited-time promotions on eBay – but this is a very compelling deal for what is for all intents and purposes a $35 discount.

Nintendo’s new Switch bundle is currently available from a number of retailers including AmazonBest BuyWalmart and GameStop.