When WoW Love Goes Wrong

Bonnie Australian lass, Tamara Broome, met an American lad on World Of Warcraft, the current king of MMOs.  So what’s the big problem?  One of them is a minor!  No, I don’t mean their primary or secondary tradeskills in WoW!!  Minor with an “o” not the kind who complains about the lack of gold veins near Goldshire. 

In a strange twist, it’s not an older male trying to take advantage of a juvenile female.  Tamara is said to be 31, and the boy is now 17 currently, but was 16 when they met online.

After learning about the boy’s desire to move to Australia to be with his online sweety, the parents immediately tried to put a stop to the situation and notified the police who snagged the college student as he was boarding a flight. 

The parents then contacted Ms. Broome and invited her to America to sort things out.  Upon arrival Ms. Broome was promptly arrested.
“She was charged with attempting to abduct a child after a 17-year-old boy was caught trying to board a flight to Australia.

Last Saturday she left Australia to meet the teenager, but she is now behind bars at the Pitt County Detention Centre in North Carolina.”
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