What’s Not To Like? Hater App Allows You To Share What You Hate

You know what I hate? What I really hate? Not being able to "Dislike" something on Facebook. If a "friend" on Facebook splashes Haterade all over my favorite sports team, I want to be able to "Dislike" it. In fact, I should be able to. If a relative just lost their job of 20 years, I couldn't think of a better time to "Dislike" something. I sure can't like it, can I? Save for commenting, the only other option is to ignore it. I hate that.

I sure seem to be in good company with the developers of a brand-new iOS app called "Hater". Hate girls that make a duckface? Hate waiting in line at a restaurant? Hate being hungover? I sure do today. Hate that childhood memory of you dipping saltine crackers into your hot chocolate that made you throw-up coming back to haunt you every once in a while? Why not download the app and let the world know?

If there's one thing to hate about this app, it's only available for Apple products, which I tend to hate. iPhone? In the words of Grumpy Cat, "NO". By the looks of things, this could prove to be a popular app, given all of the things to hate out there. But make no mistake, there could be good uses here as well. Hate cancer? Of course you do - so talk about it on this app. Hate the fact that a good chunk of this world lives in poverty and rarely - if ever - get a proper amount of food to eat? Sounds like a good thing to hate to me.

I think I've filled my quota of hate for this week - and yes, for the record, I hated writing a news post filled with so much hate.