What Would You Do With A $22000 Cellphone Bill?

It's the talk that every parent hates to even consider having. No, we're not referring to "that talk," referring to "this talk." It's the talk that goes something like this: "Son, did you utilize your cellphone's data connection to download gobs of data from Internet last month?" "Yeah, um, I think I did dad--I thought no one would notice or care." "Well, turns out that [insert carrier here] cares, and they're demanding every dime that I was saving for your future education. Hopefully you can nab yourself a student loan or two."

Needless to say, that's a pretty awful conversation to have, but we're guessing that a father/son tandem in California had a similar discussion after a 13-year old ran up a cellphone bill of nearly $22000. No need to adjust your eyes--we just said $22k. The comical part is that the dad was actually expecting his most recent bill to be somewhat higher after he added his son to the plan, but he was probably thinking between $20 and $30 more, not a new-car-more.

You can probably guess the mistake. The dad added the boy's line to his Verizon Wireless plan, but he didn't pony up for an unlimited data plan. The boy figured out the Internet connection still worked, so he was charged per kilobyte while he surfed away aimlessly, probably looking up goofy high school jokes and the latest from I Can Haz Cheezburger. Thankfully, VZW decided to not actually charge the man for what he owed, and the pop did the right thing by suspending his son's account. We're hearing that the boy is now picking up a side job mowing lawns in order to pay for own account, this time with a proper data plan (just kidding, but it's probable!).