What To Do With $1,000,000 - Buy A Laptop

What do you do when you've got a cool million dollars burning a hole in your pocket?  Well, buy a new laptop of course!  And we're talking about using the whole million dollars here, not just a few grand. Apparently, Luvaglio of London is selling custom built, hand-made laptops for $1,000,000. No work on specs or features, and we're not sure if the slick automated box comes with the unit, but the company has this to say on their website:

"We've created our own path - our creations, our designs, our attention to detail... are like nothing you've experienced before... We're not interested in 'mass production' or designing 'entry level products' - we leave that to others... We guarantee that everything we do will exceed expectations... We create and hand make the very best..."
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