Western Digital Unveils Super-Slim, High-Capacity Mobile Hard Drive

As laptops and ultrabooks get thinner, even 9.5mm-thick mobile hard drives are starting to look bulky. Western Digital is stepping up with a new 1TB WD Blue hard drive, which comes in at a mere 7mm thick. The 2.5-inch drive supports standard 9.5mm drive bays in today’s laptops, but it’s also thin enough to accommodate future, compact notebooks. WD's Blue line has even thinner drives, albeit at lower capacities.

1TB WD Blue Hard Drive

“Users with large portfolios of content no longer need to sacrifice capacity when buying an Ultrabook or upgrading to a thin and light notebook,” said Matt Rutledge, Vice President and General Manager for client storage products at Western Digital.

The 1TB WD Blue drive is available now for $139. The drive has an array of Western Digital technologies meant to make it sturdy and quiet, including ShockGuard, WhisperDrive, and StableTrac. The latter improves read and write operations by giving the motor shaft additional support. The technology reduces drive-generated vibration. The hard drive also features dual stage actuators for more accurate head positioning.