Western Digital Raptor X

What happens when you take the already fast WD Raptor 74GB hard drive, double the capacity and cache, add NCQ support, and throw in some performance enhancing RAID specific features? You get the new Raptor X, that's what. We took a look at this drive a few weeks back and loved it. Today, T-Break gives everyone their take.

"Western Digital officially won the heart of the enthusiast with their Raptor drives- they were the first non-SCSI hard drives that could spin at 10,000RPM and thus, produce some speedy results. It started with their 36GB version which was followed by the 74GB version and today, WD doubles that storage again to 150GB. However, doubling the storage capacity isn't the only thing new on the latest Raptor. WD has also doubled the cache buffer which is now up from 8MB to 16MB and adds NCQ (Native Command Queuing) support."