Western Digital 2TB Caviar Green Power Drive

The green technology movement is obviously in full swing now. Better efficiency through technological innovation has a trickle down effect to many facets of life style, technology and the environment. Whether motivated by cost or environmental reasons the benefits of eco-minded innovation will eventually be felt by all. When products can be produced cheaper through the use of green technologies due to cost savings to the manufacturer, consumers and the planet will eventually reap the benefits. Widespread adoption of green technology products, like Western Digital's Green Power Hard Drive for example, adds to the overall effectiveness of the green technology movement and increases aggregate resource savings in the enterprise and data center, as well as the end user markets.

Western Digital is the first to market with a 2TB hard drive and it just so happens that it's a Caviar Green Power version drive. Not only is it flush with a much larger capacity but it also features "Green Power" technology that includes a host of features which make this a very consumer and environmentally friendly drive. Advertising lower temperatures, quieter operation, and the performance advantages of increased platter density, this drive is suited for a variety of storage usage models, especially those with tighter power consumption constraints...

Western Digital 2TB Caviar Green Power Hard Drive