Western Digital Enriches Datacenter Storage With 10TB Capacity Gold Series Hard Drives

There's an Apple parody that jokingly proclaims "Gold is best!" in reference to the gold colored iPhone handsets, but for Western Digital, gold really does represent the top of the line. WD Gold that is, a series of datacenter hard drives introduced in April that now boasts a brand new 10-terabyte capacity option (WD101KRYZ), Western Digital announced today.

That's a 25 percent bump in capacity over the previous top option from the WD Gold line, an 8TB model (WD8002FRY2). And like that and the 6TB (WD600FRYZ) and 4TB (WD4002FYYZ) models comprising the WD Gold line, the new 10TB capacity HDD is a 3.5-inch drive with a SATA 6Gbps interface and 7,200 RPM spindle speed, along with support for Native Command Queuing. It also boasts 256MB of cache, twice as much as all the other models.

WD Gold 10TB HDD

Not only is the 10TB option the highest capacity drive with the most cache of all the WD Gold HDDs, it's also the best performing, Western Digital says it delivers a sustained transfer rate of 249MB/s, versus 205MB/s for the 8TB model, 226MB/s for the 6TB drive, and 201MB/s for the 4TB SKU.

As with the rest of the WD Gold lineup, the 10TB model features Western Digital's HelioSeal helium technology, the benefit there being the ability to deliver larger capacity options at lower power levels. For this specific model, Western Digital was able to improve power efficiency (watts/TB) during operation by up to 26 percent over the WD Gold 8TB model.

WD Gold 10TB HDD

Western Digital says its WD Gold 10TB drives are designed for small to medium scale enterprise servers. It also notes that clients stand to reduce the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of servers and storage systems with the new 10TB option because of its added capacity and improved power efficiency.

"It is Western Digital's on-going goal to provide superior reliability and compelling value to the our enterprise customers," said Brendan Collins, vice president of product marketing, Western Digital. "WD Gold drives are a key component of the overall WD portfolio, providing power efficient, capacity-optimized storage for a wide range of high workload applications. The new 10TB capacity enables customers to efficiently deploy higher density storage solutions."

WD Gold 10TB HDDs have already started shipping. There's no word on price and Western Digital hasn't updated its online store with the new 10TB model yet, but as points of reference, it sells the 8TB model for $595.99, 6TB for $406.99, and 4TB for $270.99.