WEPC Site Crowd-Sourcing Your Next Notebook

When was the last time a major OEM reached out to you and asked for direct, personal input on what you'd like to see in an upcoming notebook or netbook product?  Chances are your response is something to the effect of "never" or not since the day they started using them fancy LCDs versus the port-hole sized monochrome tubes you were playing Leisure Suit Larry on.

You might have noticed, seeing as there are just a few ad banners in rotation
beckoning you to the site, that a few of us here at HotHardware.com are working in concert with Intel and Asus to offer you, our beloved tech-freak readers, that very opportunity at WEPC.com.  We realize it sort of sounds like a come-on but it's actually not in the least.  No really, Asus and Intel are looking for your ideas on how to enhance and improve notebook and netbook designs, in order to make them more functional, feature-rich and capable for what you need -- you personally that is.

Top Finalist Notebook Ideas - WEPC.com

In fact, our own Managing Editor took a stab at netbooks as what some may have called a "race to the bottom", but has since proven all of the naysayers wrong.  What's your personal, optimal netbook size?  Are you a hardcore 7" purist with tiny digits that can handle tight spaces with ease?  Or are you much more inclined to consider something in a more easily handled 10" form-factor?  Sound off in Marco's post with your two cents and let the OEMs here you.

Or perhaps you're a keyboard freak?  Don't like those little chicklet size key caps on most netbooks and especially hate that spongy feel most membrane-based keyboards offer?  We're of the opinion around here that a good keyboard with decent tactile response is so much more important for the average notebook or netbook design
and it baffles us why some manufacturers don't place more focus on build quality in this area as well. Have ideas for better keyboard design?  Join the discussion at WEPC.com and you could very well help to improve the next design coming down the pipe.