Webroot's SecureAnywhere Security Software is Better Than a *BLEEP* Sandwich

The spunky folks over at Webroot are firing on all cylinders in the creativity department, and we have to admit, what they're doing is both intriguing and comical. The company just unveiled its new SecureAnywhere line of antivirus Internet security software, and unlike traditional AV applications, SecureAnywhere puts almost all its chips in the cloud. According to Webroot, the actual program only takes up 6MB of space on your hard drive, doesn't use much RAM, and typically finishes scanning entire hard drives in under two minutes.

Most other security software taps into the cloud to supplement local signature-based scanning, whereas Webroot is taking the exact opposite approach. That's the part we find intriguing. The part we find comical is this:

Since when do security gurus have a sense of humor? Well played, Webroot.
Webroot Delivers the Fastest, Lightest and Least Demanding Consumer Protection: Introducing Webroot® SecureAnywhere™

Integrates Security for PC, Android and iOS Users with Simple, Centralized Management

BROOMFIELD, Colo., Oct. 4, 2011 -- Webroot, the first Internet security service company, today introduced the consumer portfolio of Webroot® SecureAnywhere™, the industry's fastest, lightest, least demanding protection (1), available starting today.

"For far too long, people have endured a miserable experience with their PC security," said Dick Williams, CEO, Webroot. "Security vendors, including Webroot, have expected customers to buy, install, and manage security products by themselves. This industry has been delivering products that are less and less effective against threats from zero-day exploits, social engineering, and other sophisticated techniques we see today. Webroot is taking the misery out of security. Webroot SecureAnywhere is the fastest, lightest, and the least demanding – so people are free to do what they want online."

Changing the security model with protection that suits the user: Webroot SecureAnywhere installs in six seconds (2) and immediately scans the PC. For users who simply want their security to work for them, Webroot SecureAnywhere removes the burden by handling it automatically. For technically minded users, it features 124 settings they can customize, and advanced tools for diagnosing security problems.

Webroot SecureAnywhere enables users to manage security for all of their PCs, tablets, and mobile devices from a single web portal, with a single license. Individuals who serve as their family's "tech expert" can be given administrative privileges to monitor their family's protection via the web portal.

Instant protection against new threats: Webroot SecureAnywhere is the first security solution to leverage comprehensive application behaviors to determine the categorization of all software, good and bad. All of the protection is delivered from a cloud database so users never have to bother with time-consuming signature updates. Every file that tries to run on a PC is analyzed and the data is fed into Webroot's threat intelligence network in the cloud. Within seconds, everyone around the world using Webroot SecureAnywhere is protected from the newest threats. If a computer is offline, Webroot SecureAnywhere monitors the system and if malicious activity is observed, it will take action against it automatically.

Less demanding of users and their PCs: Because Webroot SecureAnywhere delivers protection from the cloud, its full power is delivered to users via a 6MB program – an installation that's 98% smaller and an initial scan that is 3.5 times faster than that of the average leading antivirus product(3). Its deep scan searches the entire system for rootkits and complex threats in less than two minutes (4). Users no longer need to spend hours scanning their systems, and they can continue to use their PCs while a scan is running without degraded system performance. Webroot SecureAnywhere also does not require a PC reboot when applying updates.

"In our independent testing, PassMark found that Webroot used the least resources and had the least impact on system performance out of the products tested; it ranked the highest – scoring 90 points out of a possible 98 points, 38 points higher than the next best competitor – in our testing of 14 different performance metrics," said David Wren, Managing Director, PassMark Software.

More layered security for maximum protection: Webroot SecureAnywhere provides several layers of defense against malware, covering attacks that not only target PCs but the people using them. The Identity Shield defeats advanced zero-day keyloggers, screen grabbers, and banking and personal information-stealing Trojans. The Web Threat Shield blocks phishing attacks and exploits by analyzing web content before the browser executes it. The Core System Shield ensures that system structures have not been modified and all components are functioning properly, applying repairs if needed.

Firewall that stops threats, not users: The concept of a firewall has been re-engineered to move the decision-making process into the cloud rather than placing it on the user. Unlike other antimalware solutions, Webroot SecureAnywhere manages most security issues automatically to stop threats quickly. This eliminates pop-up screens and alerts that users can ignore which can lead to infections that damage the system or steal information.

Powerful standalone solution that also works alongside other security solutions: Webroot SecureAnywhere works as an effective standalone security service, but it can also coexist with other security products for added protection. It doesn't require users to uninstall existing security products, removing the inconvenience of forced migration and preventing any window of opportunity for attacks.

Key features of Webroot SecureAnywhere consumer PC services*:

  • High-performance, cloud-based detection
  • Predictive protection for offline computers
  • Heuristic threat detection analyzing thousands of file characteristics
  • Scanning and blocking of malicious Web search results, links and URLs
  • Phishing protection
  • System cleanup tools including military-grade file erase
  • Automatic gamer mode
  • Multiple remediation tools
  • 6 scan options

* Antimalware protection for Mac is planned for early 2012.

Webroot SecureAnywhere Consumer Portfolio: Ranging from basic, single-PC protection to multi-feature, multi-device coverage, the new services from Webroot are designed to fit their users' needs:

Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus – 1 PC: $39.95/GBP 24.95; 3 PCs: $49.95/GBP 29.95

  • Basic antimalware service that delivers all of the high performance, protection and management benefits of Webroot SecureAnywhere

Webroot SecureAnywhere Essentials – 3 PCs: $59.95/GBP 39.95

  • Mid-level security suite that extends protection with:
  • Windows firewall management
  • Identity protection securing transactions like online banking
  • File backup and synchronization across PCs and browsers
  • 2GB of online storage

Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete – 3 PCs & 3 mobile devices: $79.95/GBP 49.95

  • Premium security suite that also includes:
  • Password management and synchronization across multiple PCs and mobile devices
  • 10GB of online file storage

Webroot SecureAnywhere Mobile Security for Android –

  • Free edition includes antivirus protection, secure web browsing, device lock/locate/scream, and call/SMS blocking. Android security can be managed remotely via the centralized web portal.
  • Premier edition ($19.99/GBP 12.99) adds app inspector, SIM card lock, device wipe, and settings audit. Password management.
  • Special edition for Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete users, available in November, will include the added features of file access/sync, and password management.

Webroot SecureAnywhere Mobile Security for iOS:

  • Free edition includes secure web browsing, tabbed browsing, and web-based portal management.
  • Special edition for Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete users, available in November, will include the added features of file access/sync, and password management.

Free versions of Webroot SecureAnywhere Mobile Security for Android and iOS can be downloaded from the Android and Apple Markets, respectively.

Purchasing information for the Webroot SecureAnywhere 2012 Portfolio:

Webroot SecureAnywhere PC and mobile security services are available today for new Webroot customers atwww.webroot.com and in select retail stores in the United States and the United Kingdom. Existing customers will be upgraded for free and can visit www.webroot.com/En_US/sites/good-news.html to learn more and sign up for an upgrade.

For additional retail and product information, visit www.webroot.com.


Webroot is committed to taking the misery out of Internet security for consumers and businesses. Founded in 1997, privately held Webroot is headquartered in Colorado and employs approximately 450 people globally in operations across North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region. For more information, visit http://www.webroot.com or call 800.772.9383. Read the Webroot Threat Blog: http://blog.webroot.com. Follow Webroot on Twitter: http://twitter.com/webroot.

©2011 Webroot Software, Inc. All rights reserved. Webroot, SecureAnywhere, and Webroot SecureAnywhere are registered trademarks or trademarks of Webroot Software, Inc. in the United States and other countries. All other trademarks are properties of their respective owners.

(1) PassMark Software, “Webroot SecureAnywhere vs. Six Traditional Antivirus Products” Antivirus Performance Benchmark,September 2011 www.webroot.com/En_US/consumer-products-secureanywhere-antivirus.html

(2) Ibid

(3) PassMark was commissioned to conduct independent testing to benchmark the performance of Webroot SecureAnywhere against six leading traditional antivirus products. The average measured performance is based on benchmark testing of the following products: ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4; Norton AntiVirus 2011; Trend Micro Titanium 2012; AVG Anti-Virus 2011; Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2012; McAfee AntiVirus 2011. Tested on Win7 64bit, Intel Core i7 CPU, 6GB DDR3 RAM, WD 500GB 7200RPM HDD.

(4) After the initial PC scan, full system scans will typically take less than two minutes.