Web 2.0 Hits Divorce

You can pay your bills online, trade stock online, pay property taxes online, and on and on.  Now, in Broward County, Florida, you can file for divorce online.  In a way, it's strange because most places really want you to think about the divorce before it happens, giving you months after filing before the divorce is final.  Simplifying the process seems counter-productive, to that end.

Residents in Broward County, Florida have given new meaning to the phrase, "Internet era," unveiling a new service this month that allows its citizens to file for divorce through an online application process.

Based on programs first initiated in Palm Beach County and other locations, the new, online divorce program enables residents to quickly and conveniently file divorce claims, small claims lawsuits, and eviction claims without ever leaving the house.

Considering people are now getting fired by text message, filing for divorce papers online seems almost ordinary.

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