We Are Hunted Joins Twitter, Plans Music Discovery Integration

Twitter started as a social network. Now, it's both a communication tool and a news delivery service. But what will it evolve into? As the company strives to pick up revenues, the sky seems to be the limit. This week, Twitter acquired a unique company with a unique name: We Are Hunted. In a nutshell, We Are Hunted was a music discovery engine, and we use the term "was" because We Are Hunted is shutting things down immediately in order to work with its new overlord.

The team intends to continue creating new products in the music arena, but they'll be channeled via Twitter -- in other words, you can't just use We Are Hunted's services without also using Twitter. In recent months, Twitter has also become the de facto gauge for how well a new TV show is doing, and soon, it seems that the same may be said about how well a new album or artist is doing. People tend to talk about these things on Twitter using hashtags, and while far from scientific, they're a decent judge of what's popular in the moment.

Who would've thought that Twitter would be the service doing the acquiring? That start-up sure has matured in a hurry.