We All Win!

We just love it when the CPU industry as a whole does well because of strong consumer demand.  There's no surer sign that prices are right and/or the technology is in serious demand than when both AMD and Intel gain share in the global microprocessor market, which is exactly what iSuppli claims.

“In the third quarter, Intel accounted for 78.7 percent of global microprocessor revenue, up 0.3 of a percentage pointfrom 78.4 percent in the second quarter. AMD fared even better, with its share rising by more than the twice the level of Intel's to reach 13.9 percent, up 0.6 of a percentage point from 13.3 percent in the second quarter. The two microprocessor suppliers gained at the expense of their smaller rivals, whose collective share of global revenue declined to 7.4 percent in the third quarter, down from 8.2 percent in the second quarter.”

If AMD and Intel did this well after a lull in their slash & burn price war, we're wondering what the next few years are going to look like.  2008 is already shaping up to be a CPU battle of nearly biblical proportions between Penryn and the K10.  No matter who wins that dust-up, there's always the Bulldozer vs. Nehalem, both of which should bring a lot to the table.  We won't even get into the mobile or UMPC markets where both companies have been aggressively expanding.

No matter how you look at it, the next few years are likely to see a serious amount of additional CPU power brought to the table by both parties and It's possible that could have a positive impact on their individual and combined market shares.