WD Purple Family Expands With Bodaciously Big 4K Ready 10TB Hard Drive

Solid-state drive (SSDs) may get all the attention in the storage market thanks to their performance, but when it comes providing massive amounts of storage at affordable prices, it is hard to beat traditional spinning discs. Western Digital knows this, which is why it continues to advance its hard disk drive (HDD) agenda with new and improved models on a regular basis.

Today, Western Digital announced the arrival of a 10TB SKU in its WD Purple family. WD Purple is geared towards those that need copious amounts of storage for 24x7 video surveillance. With many businesses switching to 4K cameras for higher-fidelity footage, there is an increasing need for storage. In fact, Western Digital forecasts that 29 percent of surveillance cameras will be 4K-capable by 2020.


The WD Purple 10TB takes advantage of AllFrame 4K technology, which helps to reduce frame loss using advanced caching algorithms. In addition, specific firmware optimizations have been introduced that minimize pixilation and interruptions when recording. The 10TB drive also employs HelioSeal technology, which is just a fancy way of saying that the drive is filled with helium, which helps to reduce drag compared to air-filled drives.

“Advanced imaging technology advancements are expanding the value that video surveillance provides for applications ranging from retail and public safety monitoring to smart-city infrastructure, all of which are driving new storage needs,” said Western Digital Marking VP Brendan Collins. “Our new 10TB drive inherits the high performance, reliability and endurance qualities of our WD Purple family, with maximum capacity to offer VARs, integrators and consumers a 4K-ready solution for current and next-generation surveillance systems.”

Western Digital says that the WD Purple 10TB meets “surveillance-class standards” and comes backed with a three-year limited warranty. Although the WD Purple family starts at a lowly 1TB, the new 10TB SKU is available today with an MSRP of $399.99.