WD Takes My Book World Edition II NAS To 4TB

Only weeks after Western Digital introduced its spacious 4TB My Book Studio Edition II Drive, the company is putting itself back in the spotlight with a new dual-drive My Book World Edition II Network Storage System. Basically, it's WD's fancy way of saying that it has a new NAS drive, one with room for twin HDDs and up to 4TB of capacity.

The device ships with its dual 2TB hard drives in a mirrored (RAID 1) configuration, providing users with 2TB of useable space that is continuously backed up in case one of the drives fail. In addition, the new My Book World Edition II network hard drive includes software that simplifies the task of setting up automatic and continuous data backup for all the PCs in the home.

As with most NAS drives, this one can also double as a storage server, streaming out music, photos and videos from the drive to a PC, Mac or connected DLNA media player (like Sony's PS3 or Microsoft's Xbox 360, for instance). Also of note, users can tap into the drive's contents from any Internet-connected machine around the world thanks to the bundled MioNet remote access service. The drive is available now with 2TB or 4TB, with pricing set at $399.99 and $699.99, respectively.


The new My Book World Edition II network drive features:

  • Automatic, continuous backup for all the computers on your network;
  • Dual-drive system that mirrors valuable data for extra safe data protection;
  • Centralized storage and sharing for all of your family's digital content;
  • Streaming to any connected PC, Mac or DLNA certified game console or media player;
  • Easy remote access to all your data from anywhere, anytime;
  • Works seamlessly on networks with both Windows and Mac computers;
  • Ability to centralize and stream music collection to a Mac or Windows PC using iTunes software;
  • USB 2.0 port to turn any USB drive into an instant network drive or extra capacity for the My Book World Edition II;
  • Cooler, quieter, eco-friendly design with drives using WD GreenPower Technology(TM) which run cooler, quieter and consume up to 33 percent less power(2);
  • User serviceable;
  • Capacity gauge to see at a glance how much space is available on your drive;
  • High-speed data transfer with Gigabit Ethernet; and,
  • 3-year limited warranty.