WD Raptor X with Window!

Western Digital has taken things up yet another notch by offering a second version of its new flagship 150GB Raptor enthusiast hard drive. While being mechanically identical to the previously announced 150GB 10,00rpm Raptor, the new Raptor X is equipped with a window allowing case modders and curious technology fans to view the internals of the drive. With an additional $50 premium to the standard 150GB Raptor's $300 MSRP the drive certainly isn't cheap. However, one look at this new model and you soon find yourself wondering if you could come up with the cash to get your hands on it.

For two years in WD's advanced development labs, located in California, this team of engineers painstakingly and scientifically analyzed the hundreds of considerations necessary to make a hard drive with a view, and ensuring the result was worthy of the WD Raptor nameplate magnified the task at hand.
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