WD Debuts 1TB My Book AV DVR Expander For Heavy TV Watchers

DVRs are nice, and TiVo units are usually even nicer. But what good is a DVR when there's no room left to record that next critical show? No good at all, we'd say. Western Digital is out to solve your existing "no storage" problem with their new My Book AV DVR Expander, which is essentially an external hard drive tailored to link to a DVR/TiVo and storage extra footage that cannot fit on the unit's internal HDD.

The new device has 1TB of space, allowing customers to instantly and seamlessly expand their DVR recording capacity by simply attaching it to their existing DVR. The unit is fully TiVo Verified and compatible with Series3 and TiVo HD, and it offers USB and eSATA connections as well. Furthermore, it's tested and compatible with Dish Network and DirecTV DVRs, so no sweat there.

The company's currently working with other pay-TV providers to get more certification sheets, but if your unit is in the list below, you can get 1TB more storage now for $149.99.

WD(R) Enables Consumers to Instantly Add More Recording Hours to DVRs With New My Book(R) AV DVR Expander
WD's My Book AV DVR Expander Allows Users to Keep More of Their Favorite Movies and TV Shows

LAKE FOREST, Calif., June 22 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- WD® (NYSE: WDC), the world's leader in external storage solutions, today introduced its new 1 TB My Book® AV DVR expander, allowing customers to instantly and seamlessly expand their DVR recording capacity by simply attaching the My Book AV DVR expander.

TiVo Verified™ compatible with TiVo® Series3™ and TiVo HD DVRs, the new My Book AV DVR expander is capable of storing up to 120 hours of high-definition (HD) television programming. The drive, which offers USB and eSATA connections, has also been tested and is compatible with Dish Network® and DirecTV® DVRs(1). WD is working with other major satellite, cable and telecom companies to integrate its DVR expander technology into set-top boxes around the world.

DVRs have become an indispensable technology for consumers by helping users time-shift their TV and recommend new shows. According to Parks Associates, 40 percent of U.S. broadband households and 38 percent of Western European broadband households have a DVR (Parks Associates: The Consumer Perspective 2009). HD programs take up several times more storage space than standard definition programs, requiring users to constantly delete old shows to make more room for new ones. Shortage of storage also prevents the DVR's recommendation engine from suggesting new shows, limiting the use of a favorite consumer feature. WD's My Book AV DVR expander addresses these issues by providing users with up to 120 additional hours of HD storage for their TiVo, DirecTV, Dish Network and other compatible DVRs.

WD is a leading supplier of hard drives for the DVR set-top boxes offered by major cable, satellite and Internet Protocol Television service providers. These WD customers demand AV-grade drives, which are specifically engineered for recording and playback of programs on a 24-by-7 duty cycle. The drives also feature WD GreenPower Technology™ so they produce very little heat and are designed to handle today's cramped, gadget-rich entertainment centers. WD uses these same industry-proven drives in the WD My Book AV DVR expander to provide consumers with a reliable high-quality HD viewing experience, whether the drive is connected to a game console, Blu-ray Disc™ player, WD TV® media player or other media playback device(2).  In addition, the WD My Book AV DVR expander enclosure is designed to isolate these AV drives from the shock and vibration that can occur in home entertainment environments.

"Millions of users love their TiVos and DVRs because they can watch their favorite TV shows whenever they want. The hard drives inside these devices simply don't have enough space to store all of consumers' favorite HD programs each week," said Dale Pistilli, vice president of marketing for WD's branded products group. "With our busy lives, it's easy to get behind on our favorite shows. WD's My Book AV DVR expander allows users to take back control of their DVR and keep more of their TV shows."

WD's My Book AV DVR expander also enables users to store and play back videos from 2010 or later Sony® HD Handycam® camcorders with the Direct Copy feature, giving consumers an easy way to offload, archive and enjoy their personal videos in one simple step without a PC.

My Book AV DVR Expander

My Book AV DVR expanders feature:

    * Additional recording hours for enhanced viewing pleasure by connecting the drive to compatible USB or eSATA DVRs, instantly creating more storage for TV shows, sporting events, and movies;
    * A convenient camcorder storage companion that allows users to make more room for recording by transferring videos from compatible cameras to a My Book AV DVR expander without a computer;
    * An AV-optimized drive engineered for 24-by-7 operation, offering smooth video recording and playback with SilkStream™ technology (available via eSATA connection only);
    * An environmentally friendly drive built with WD GreenPower Technology and optimized for the demands of writing video as well as the high temperatures often found in entertainment centers;
    * Increased connectivity to game consoles, Blu-ray Disc players or media players, like the WD TV family of products, to provide smooth playback on big-screen TVs;
    * Small form-factor design, allowing the My Book AV DVR expander to fit neatly in entertainment centers. It can stand upright or lie horizontally, making it easy to position with other AV devices to maximize airflow and minimize heat around the drive;
    * USB 2.0 and eSATA interfaces for maximum compatibility with DVRs and AV devices; and,
    * A two-year limited warranty.


The My Book AV DVR expander has been tested and verified compatible with DirecTV, Dish Network, TiVo Series3 and TiVo HD DVRs, as well as with Scientific Atlanta 8300HD series DVRs; Sony Blu-ray Disc players; 2010 or later Sony HD Handycams camcorders with the Direct Copy feature; Xbox 360®; and Sony PlayStation® 3. Consumers should check with their cable service provider to confirm compatibility with their system. For a complete list of compatible products, please visit products.wdc.com/mybookav.

Price and Availability

The new My Book AV DVR expander is available with 1 TB capacity and has a two-year limited warranty. My Book AV DVR expander drives are available now at select retailers and online at shopwd.com. MSRP is $149.99 USD.