WatchESPN App Brings Sports Content To iPhone And iPad

While AMC Theaters puts up a fuss about major motion pictures coming to VoD systems too soon after their theatrical release, ESPN is getting with the program. It's obvious that consumers want more mobile ways to consume content, so rather than urging people to torrent shows by giving them no other option, ESPN has just launched a killer new app that brings the cable channel's shows to the mobile realm. There are a number of "catches," though. WatchESPN is only available on iOS, so those who have the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad are invited, but everyone else is left outside. There's no Android version, no BlackBerry version, no WebOS version and no Windows Phone 7 version. Maybe those will come in time, but we wouldn't count on it.

Also, there are a number of programs that will be subject to blackout, and Monday Night Football is one event that will not be shown on this app. Bummer. But still, it's a solid app to have if you're already paying for the channel via Time Warner Cable, Brighthouse Networks or Verizon FiOS, but if you don't have access to any of those carriers, you're also out of luck. We wish the app was al la carte, but that'll probably never, ever happen. It's still a great start, and a great app, but we wish it meant we were one step closer from being able to truly separate from pay-TV. As it stands, you can't just be an Internet subscriber, you'll need a pay-TV subscription.

The app itself is free and available to download right away.
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