Watch Dogs 'Access Granted' DLC Pack Goes Live Today

In the age of digital downloads, a game is never truly finished until the dev team hangs it up. And, with a U.S. holiday just around the bend, the folks behind "Watch Dogs" are giving owners something else to chew on with their day off. Starting today, "Watch Dogs" owners will be able to download three new single-player missions, a host of new weapons, and even a few bonuses. Of course, Season Pass holders had access last week, but the general public can now partake for $7.

Or, you could buy into a Season Pass right now for $19.99 and get this pack right away. The single-player missions include The Palace, Signature Shot, and Breakthrough. As for weapons and other necessities? There's a biometric rifle, an Auto-6 pistol, and a Dedsec Battery boost that keeps your phone alive for a bit longer.

Of course, real gamers probably haven't made it to this point -- go ahead and get the download started!