Waste Time Faster with Bing’s Facebook Friend Photo Search

Hot on the heels of Google adding birthday reminders to Google+, Bing has announced another feature you didn’t know you can’t live without: Bing can now help you quickly find photos of your Facebook friends. Because you know, when you’re kicking around Facebook, speed is everything.

All kidding aside, Friends’ Photos Beta looks like a pretty slick tool, and one that may come in handy if you’re trying to hunt down a particular photo from your friends’ many albums. Log into Facebook from Bing’s Friends’ Photos page, and you’re ready to search. A Friends’ Photos Beta table also appears at the top of the Bing search bar.

Bing Friends' Photos for Facebook Images

Once in the Friends’ Photos search page, you can view recent photos or click Photos Of You to get a quick (and maybe surprising) look at the images of you floating around Facebook.

Microsoft points out that your Facebook privacy settings stay in place when your friends use the Friends’ Photos tool to search your images: if your settings would ordinarily prevent someone from seeing your photo, Bing won’t show it to them, either.